GEA Barr-Rosin offers a variety of processes for the following operations on wheat:

  • Dewatering, drying and milling of vital wheat gluten
  • Spray drying of soluble wheat gluten
  • Drying of A- and B- wheat starches
  • Pneumatic cooling and conveying of wheat
Wheat Wheat

These operations are effected with the use of tailored technologies:

Dewatering, Drying and Milling of vital wheat gluten

The GEA Barr-Rosin Screw press, with recirculation system, dewaters wet gluten from the upstream separation process down to 35% moisture content.

The product from the press is pumped to a Full Ring Dryer and dried in a single step to a fine 7% moisture powder. The low temperatures used preserves the vitality of the gluten and consistently delivers a product of the highest commercial value.

The collected dry product is then sifted and the oversized particles are milled to deliver a final product of uniform size and moisture.

Processed Wheat
Processed Wheat

Drying of A- and B- starches

A-starch can be dried using a specially designed single-pass flash dryer.

B-starch can be dried using either a Spray Dryer or a Ring Dryer.

Both types of dryers can be fed slurry at 30-35% moisture content range and deliver a 10 to 12% final product. Spray dried starch has a smaller, more uniform particle size, but requires a higher capital investment.

Pneumatic cooling and conveying of wheat, wheat flour, starches or gluten can be pneumatically conveyed and cooled in a single unit operation. Using chilled or ambient air, the product can be conveyed from any dryer system and delivered cooled to the receiving vessel.

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